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The join filter is based on the join key values that are retrieved from the "one-side" operand. Edit a Filter Right-click on Filter Indicator see above steps for displaying it and then select Edit.

This could include, Filtering on a fact column as shown in this example Filtering on a non-conformed dimension a dimension that is only applies to one of the business report studio filter in the query Total for Group Giving Incorrect Values with an After Stitch Calculation In this scenario, when a calculation is created, such as a variance calculation, and then another calculation is based on the first calculation, values appear incorrectly.

The result counts all Products regardless of if there has been a sale or return. Additionally, IBM Cognos Active Report content can be contained in folders with permissions so that unauthorized users are unable to get access to the reports.

Every interactive object has Behaviour on Selection and Reaction Behaviour options. However there are some circumstances where a little more thought is required to ensure the query returns the expected results. Choose Create Custom Filter. In the Properties pane in the lower left of the Cognos window, locate the Data section and then click on the Sorting option.

From the Values drop down, select Comparison.


This is also depicted by the image below. Relying on the time defaults can be dangerous if the application changes and starts to capture actual times.

This can be used to dynamically reduce a result set i. The user can choose to view an existing saved output or re-run the report to get the freshest data possible. The Filter pane displays at the bottom of the report. To create the desired report in Query Studio: From the Values drop down, select Specific Values.

This is why we see the correct values in the previous Query Studio examples. The coalesce first evaluates the variance calculation we are interested in. The current report layout is illustrated by the following screen capture. The solution provides a scalable and secure way of sharing information outside the organization without creating an increased support burden.

Applying a filter to the join reduces the size of the set of rows for the "many" operand by applying a filter to the "many" side. The user can then count this column within Query Studio. This issue is easily demonstrated in Query Studio using one of the analytical functions.

IBM Cognos Active Report 12 Cookbook

To maintain system performance, there are limits to the size of files that you can upload. IBM Cognos Active Report technology allows interactive reports to be distributed outside the organization without having to worry about granting those users access to the IBM Cognos server.

To apply the filter to individual records in the data source, click Before auto aggregation. Data Deck The Data Deck object is used to automatically create a card for each data item value used to drive the Data Deck.

Illustration 4 shows an example of a Framework Manager model using a stand-alone calculation called Sales Return Variance located in a Calcs folder under the Sales namespace.

Remember to set the Usage property to Fact and the Regular Aggregate property to Sum for this measure. The data loaded from the file is saved in database created on a DB2 server which is configured and maintained by the Administrator. If you created a summary filter, click the ellipsis Greater Than or Equal To:You can monitor the performance of your channel and videos with up-to-date metrics and reports in YouTube Analytics.

There's a ton of data available in different reports, like the Watch time, Traffic sources, and Demographics reports. Apr 02,  · Description Summary Filter and Detail Filter Summary and detail filters both set of criteria you apply to a report to change the focus of the report.

If your data source is relational, your expression should work fine for a 12 month report ending in the prior month. A quarterly report is a bit more difficult as you need to determine start of quarter as well as end of quarter prior to current date.

IBM Cognos Business Inte lligence V Handbook October International Technical Support Organization SG Return to Cognos Query Studio topics menu. What is a Filter. A filter limits the information Cognos will retrieve for your report.

Your roles and authorizations limit the data that you are allowed to report on. IBM Cognos 10 Report Studio: Practical Examples will help you find the answers to specific questions based on your data and your business model.

It will use a combination tutorial and cookbook approach to show real-world IBM Cognos 10 Report Studio .

Business report studio filter
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